Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Hi again.

Back from vacation, ready to tie up a few loose ends for my book Strengthen your Nonfiction Writing. I haven’t talked to Lou Turner, publisher of High Hill Press, since I’ve been back, but am working on the “Acknowledgements” page. Now I know why the speeches go on so long at the Oscars. There are many people to thank whenever a large creative endeavor is undertaken, regardless of how many people contributed directly.

I’ve been thinking about how many people have touched my life, and offered a word of encouragement or praise when I needed it most. Kind words, a few laughs, and the feeling that you aren’t completely alone on this planet go a long way. There are several people in my “Acknowledgments” that I haven’t spoken to in years. But when I think about the type of person I am, and why, I realize these people contributed something positive that helped shape my world.

In the book I mention connections, and the importance of words to connect people and their emotions. Words connect us when we feel like the only one who wasn’t invited to the party, or dumped by a boy- or girlfriend, husband, wife or lover. Words allow us to feel what someone else has experienced. Words allow us to share the wonderful moments of being crowned queen of anything, along with the humiliating memory of falling down the stairs in high school. Powerful stuff, words. Hope you love them as much as I do.

See ya later this week.


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