Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Best Advice

What is the best advice you ever received? Do you have one piece of advice that has served you well for years and years? Or did you hear something special at the Missouri Writers Guild Conference last weekend?

I heard so many excellent pieces of advice at the conference that it’s hard to decide. I liked what Kathleen Ortiz had to say about creating an online presence. Linking a web page to your blog, Facebook and Twitter is essential. She also recommended searching your name on Google or a different search engine to see how you present to the world.

Be proactive by commenting on other blogs and message boards. Signing up for Google alerts will allow you to know what information is being shared with, or without, your knowledge. Start shaping your online identity now, and begin on a positive note before someone does it for you in an unflattering manner.
What advice have you heard that struck a chord?


  1. Hi Mary,
    Wow! It's hard to decide what which advice was the best at the conference.

    Both Nancy Pickard and Elaine Viets stressed the importance of including the five senses in fiction writing.

    Oh, I also jotted down this quote from Nancy Pickard: "If you ever run into someone who makes you feel like not writing, run in the opposite direction."

    Donna Volkenannt

  2. I love both of those! Every class I went to had dozens of great ideas I could use right away. I realized after I posted that the ideas I mentioned weren't really about writing, but marketing. I guess they are intertwined, eh?