Monday, March 12, 2012

Never give up

Do you ever think you’re too old to write a book? If so, you are wrong.

I just came across the story of Captain James Arruda Henry, a 98-year-old first-time author. A 98-year-old first-time author is a story in itself, but it’s even more amazing when you consider the fact that he was illiterate until his mid 90s!

Henry is a retired lobsterman in Mystic, Conn who self-published “In a Fisherman’s Language,” which contains 29 stories about his life. According to his website the stories were collected from his earliest memories of his grandfather’s farm in the Azores to a snippet of his daily life today. “James shows how a life powered by commitment, hard work and determination can redefine a person at any age.”

You can order a copy from the third printing through his website or  The book is also available for Kindle.

Write soon,


  1. What a wonderful story, Mary. I'm sure his story was even more powerful than most, considering his "voice" was not heard for 90-something years...

  2. Amazing! Gosh, I'm still a youngster, aren't I?? Thanks, Mary, I'll definitely look him up!

  3. Yes, this story does make you feel young, doesn't it?1