Sunday, July 15, 2012

A little endorsement can do wonders

Do you sometimes wonder about the benefits of connections? Do you think it’s worth the time and effort? For most of us, these connections may not pay off immediately, but you never know when someone might read something you wrote, love it and tell the world.

According to, Emily Bronte’s book, Wuthering Heights, was neither successful nor popular when it first appeared. The second edition was published in 1850, and offered a little something extra in terms of an endorsement. Her sister, Charlotte, wrote in the preface that the book was actually better than her own book, Jane Eyre. The rest, as they say, is literary history – my favorite kind.

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  1. Mary---I did not know that about Wuthering Heights. That's fascinating.

    I agree. You never know when a connection will pay off. And each time you connect with someone, they connect with people in their circle, and it has a ripple effect.

  2. Hi Mary! Everything Sioux said....."Ditto!"

  3. I agree, I was surprised when I found out. As much as I wish I had a sister who was a best-selling author, I sincerely appreciate my friends and colleagues who help each other, and I try to do the same.