Sunday, March 17, 2013

All On The Same Page Bookstore

St. Louis is a great place to be a writer. 
I want to give a big THANK YOU to Robin Tidwell at All On The Same Page Bookstore in Creve Coeur for hosting the author's book fair yesterday! Lots of great people and a great time, even though the weather didn't cooperate! 
I've always been impressed with the writers here, because they are willing to share their knowledge with other writers. These people are generous with their time and talent, and always take time to encourage old and new friends.
Write soon,


  1. Hi Mary! I didn't know about the book fair, but I may not have made it there anyway, because of the yucky weather. I DO want to get over to All On The Same Page Bookstore one of these days, though. I love to shop at small businesses of any kind, but especially book stores!

  2. Mary--All On the Same Page is a great shop, like The Book House and Main Street Books. Did I miss a post about this event, or was it a private one? I would have loved to come. (I was out and about doing shopping anyway.)

    From the sounds of it, it was a fun event.

  3. Glad the event went well, Mary. Wish I would have been able to stop by.

    Critter Alley

  4. All on the Same Page is such a cool book store, and Robin is so supportive of local writers. Sorry I missed this one. Maybe next time.

  5. Sorry, Mary, just now saw this - thank you! To those who missed it, we're planning another one in the fall.