Saturday, December 7, 2013

Tattoo You

Are you into ink? As a writer, is there any image that you would place permanently on your skin, like the head of Ernest Hemingway, or a lucky pen? How about your first acceptance letter or the logo of your favorite writing magazine?

Perhaps recreating the label from a bottle of wine would be a more fitting tribute. According to the June 2013 issue of Mental Floss, Dorothy Parker had a small star inked near her elbow as a “memento of a drunken night in the 1930s.” I only hope she wrote about it!

Write soon,



  1. I already have too many permanent images on my skin, veins, moles and ager spots that speak volumes! No ink for me.

  2. Mary--I have a phrase tattooed onto my wrist, a phrase that I've loved since I was 13. "Legalize freedom."

  3. No tatoos for me, I don't like needles. But if someone forced me, I'd probably put a tiny blue star.

  4. Hi Mary! I've thought about getting a tiny paw print on my lower back (one must be discrete) but have never had the nerve to do it.

    Critter Alley