Monday, March 31, 2014

Reason #647 to love the library

I have confessed in earlier posts about my habit of forgetting to renew overdue library books and the fines that result. But that is all behind me now. When I checked out books a few weeks ago, the helpful circulation staff person asked if I wanted to sign up for “Renewal Alerts.”

“What is this strange and wonderful thing of which you speak?” I asked.

She explained that the St. Charles City-County Library District can send an email reminder when my books are due for renewal. It’s one of the greatest services ever offered in the history of mankind. And it’s free. 

Write soon,


  1. Mary, this is better than a wake up call and certainly better than an overdue fine. Great idea!

  2. Mary--I will have to ask if St. Louis County has the same service. Currently, they only have a wall dedicated to the "most wanted" patrons--the ones who have accumulated so many fines, the library is building an in-ground swimming pool--all because of those procrastinators.

    (My photo, of course, is #1.)

    1. I hear ya, sister! My husband said the fabulous new Spencer Road Branch should have had a wing named after me!

  3. Love the Spencer Road Branch and the librarians who are always helpful!

  4. Doctor's office, hair dresser, library. I wonder who's next on the here's-your-reminder-list?

    Critter Alley