Sunday, June 1, 2014

One mistake, three lessons!

I made an error the other day. It’s embarrassing, I know, but I’m glad I told someone (my publisher, Lou Turner, High Hill Press) my plan to enter my book, Strengthen Your Nonfiction Writing,” in a self-published book competition.
“It’s not a self-published book,” she said. High Hill Press is considered a small press.

I told her that because of the wording of the contest guidelines I thought it would fit the definition, but would check before entering. I’m so glad I double-checked, because I was wrong!

So here are the three lessons I learned from one mistake:

1   1)    Read submission guidelines carefully (then read them again)
2   2)    Network with industry professionals who know more than you
3   3)    Know what you have, know what it is, know what it’s called!

Write soon,


  1. Mary--That mistake (failing to look carefully at guidelines) is one I've made on more than one occasion.

    I'm glad you caught it before it was too late.

  2. It's always good to learn something from one's mistake... then it's usually not fogotten!

    1. Yes, I should be very knowledgeable about many things by now, but I'm still learning!!