Friday, October 7, 2016

The director's cut

Are you like me and love to explore the writing process? I must confess that a large part of my home library consists of how-to writing books. To me, finding great tips and techniques from other writers regarding how to tell a story feels like finding hidden treasure. 

Some of these gems of insight, though, come from other sources. I want to share one of my favorite tips from my friend and fellow writing-group member Candace Carrabus Rice, author of “On The Buckle,” and “The Roar of Smoke.” She suggested writers watch the director’s cut of a movie to get commentary and a unique look at the creative process. 

“It will help you get insight into plot to learn how the director sees the story,” she said, “and how he or she made it work. It’s like looking at an x-ray to see what’s going on behind the scenes.” 

And the good news is that you can watch movies and call it “research!” 

What’s your secret source of writing tips? 

Write soon,



  1. Yay! Now I don't have to feel guilty when I watch a movie instead of doing something more constructive.


  2. Mary--I am so clueless so I have to ask: Can the director's cut be purchased just like the regular one?

    I imagine students would benefit from watching the director's cut, if the movie is clean enough for them to view...

    1. I don't think all movies release one, it just depends, but it's worth checking out!