Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bookmarks, revisited

I got a few great responses from my last blog post about bookmarks. It’s amazing how much writers have in common.

I mentioned in my response to Becky Povich’s (Becky comment from Feb. 11 that I had used junk mail as a bookmark and written notes to myself on the back regarding beautiful phrases or language that I discovered, or just words that I wanted to look up for meaning.

I wanted to share something I saw today in the latest issue of Writer’s Digest (March/April 2011). The “Top Shelf” column features literary items, and one happens to be a bookmark. A company called Levenger, with a tagline “Tools for the serious reader” is selling a leather bookmark with replacement note cards so writers can annotate while preserving the pages of the book. They also sell plain bookmarks that can double as grocery list pads.

Maybe someone read my blog and took note (or notes). Hey, it could happen.

Talk to you later,



  1. Mary,
    If they haven't cornered the market, maybe we can come up with some ideas. We could call them Wise Cracks and Wishes. What do you say :)

  2. I say it sounds good! Would it be that hard to print up some bookmarks? I like the "Wise Cracks and Wishes" theme!