Friday, October 5, 2012

Good news for my book-loving friends!

Do your loved ones ever ask you why you have so many books? Do you have stacks of books by your bed, favorite chair, kitchen or dining room table, etc? Or do you have so many books that you can no longer FIND your bed, favorite chair, kitchen or dining room table? If you are ready to part with some of them and earn a little cash, I have the answer. will buy your used books, and it couldn’t be easier. Go to their website, enter the ISBN numbers in the box provided, and they will give you an immediate quote. If you decide to sell, print out the postage for shipping at no cost to you, and will deposit the money into your PayPal account.
Let me know if you sell some books!
Write soon,


  1. Sell my books? Mais non! Never! (And don't you dare email my husband about this. If he had the chance to get rid the stacks and stacks and bookshelves of books we have, they'd be gone tomorrow afternoon.)

  2. Like Sioux, don't email my husband! But this info is nice to know in the event I have some books that I don't really care for and need to do some weeding out... thanks Mary!

  3. I don't mind selling a book or two....especially some of my son's!! No, really, he gave me permission to sell certain ones. Thanks, Mary. I'll check this out!

  4. Good info. I am always reading 2-3 books at a time. Thanks Mary.

  5. I promise I won't tell anyone's spouse! I do have some books that I can part with, but not as many as I want to keep. Why is that, anyway?