Monday, October 29, 2012

Lessons learned

Are you gearing up for NaNoWriMo? I don’t think I can participate for the entire month this year, but may try to get in a few thousand words (or more). Several years ago I completed the program, and took away two important lessons from the experience.

1)     Participating in the program forces us to make time in our schedules to write.
2)     With a word-count goal of more than 1,600 words per day, we turn off our internal editors.
Both of those lessons were valuable to me, and I hope you will share what you learned from your experience!
Write soon,


  1. I finished last year, but did not the year before. I hope to do it this year, but with family (which includes my granddaughter) coming to visit for a week or two, I am preparing myself for the possibility I might not make it.

    The lesson I learned last year was if you just are willing to start on the journey--of writing a novel--and are willing to take the risk and say yes to watching the characters develop and the story evolve...the story will come.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, Mary. That is, if I can type with them crossed...

  2. I like your lesson! Much deeper than mine, you must be a great teacher!

  3. Mary, it was so good to meet you. I hope I didn't offend you when I pulled your name for the crtique. I feel that you have so much more knowledge than I do, being a college instructor. But I would love to offer a 10 page critique to you for free if you are interested. I'd like to get together sometime. Dianna was right a while back when she said, "You'll really like Mary Horner."
    You have a great personality.
    As for NaNo, my critique group is going to try to accomplish this feat among ourselves.

  4. I was glad to offer the critique to someone else. I'm in a critique group again so I have opportunity for feedback there. Yes, we should get together! I wanted to talk to you more, but didn't get a chance. Oh, and I meant to ask if you were interested in a book signing for "NYMB." I finally got my copies the other day. I know there are quite a few women from this area who are in it.