Saturday, April 6, 2013

Moms who write

My first blog tour features two books by three moms. Authors Malena Lott and Jill Martin wrote Dance Mom Survival Guide, and Heather David is the author of TMI Mom: Oversharing My Life. Each of them shares a story about the best mom-gift they ever received.  

Jill Martin - When one of my girls was about five years old, she gave me a plate to replace one she had broken. It’s slightly different than the set, and I love that because it always reminds me of her soft, sweet, repentant heart.
Heather David - My husband gave me a weekend free from laundry once. It was so nice to just sit around and do nothing but jump just a little bit when the dryer buzzer sounded. I think I wore the same yoga pants and sweat shirt all weekend long because I wanted the clean clothes to still be fresh and neatly hung by the time Monday rolled around. The thought of not doing laundry was worth more to me than a hand full of diamond rings.
Malena Lott - I really love when my kids make things at school and give them to me, or if they’ve said something sweet in a card. It’s something so unique that I know I’ll treasure all my life. That happens rarely now that my kids are older!

About the books:
Two dance moms. One crazy dance world. DANCE MOM SURVIVAL GUIDE is a humorous and helpful guidebook for parents of dancers, written by two dance moms who have not only “been there,” but “are there!” Lott and Martin talked to dance moms across the country, dance professors, a psychologist, and instructors to bring the stage lights directly on the difficulties and joys of raising a dancer. Moms with dancers of all ages and stages will find useful information to help on the journey from dance class to stage star.
Ever wish you could say what you were really thinking? TMI Mom Heather Davis does just that. With her trademark dry wit and knack for storytelling, TMI Mom goes where no mom has been (at least in the pages of a book), with stories about the crazy things that can happen — in the minivan, the bedroom, and out in the big, bad world.

“TMI Mom: Oversharing My Life is LOLZOMG. Heather Davis serves up hilarious tales of family-life insanity that are never mean (except when skewering herself) and never leave the reader screaming, ‘I’m boooooooored!’ TMI Mom FTW!” — Linda Erin Keenan, author of Suburgatory

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  1. All three books sound great!
    Gifts of time and homemade gifts are the best!

  2. Both books sound like great reads. And I agree with Donna--gifts that are homemade are the ones I treasure the most.

  3. I love books with humor. These both sound like my cup of tea.
    BTW, I was a cheer mom. Oh yeah, there are some stories there, too!

    Critter Alley

  4. I read both of these books in one sitting yesterday. They are really great. I'm always amazed at the talent out there! I love blog tours and blog carnivals. Basically, I love blogging and I love sharing the work of smart women like Malena Lott!

  5. These sound amazing! I so agree that homemade kid gifts are the best. My son drew a picture for me once of his dad as a solider shooting me, a bride :)

  6. Linda, that sounds so like what a boy would draw!