Sunday, December 2, 2012

So many books, so little time

Thousands of free e-books are available to you regardless of which e-reader you use. The Gutenberg Project at features the classics, as does and is another valuable site, and don’t forget to search “free nook books” at Barnes and Noble ( also has freebies if you search “free Kindle books.”

Write soon,


  1. There certainly are some classics I have not read but would like to.

    Now if I could only find the time...

  2. Heck, I don't even need an e-reader to know there are thousands of books that I know I will never read! But that's okay. We really do only have 24 hours every day, and most of those can't be used for reading! LOL Thanks, Mary!

  3. Thanks for the links, Mary.
    Books and more books--how heavenly!

  4. Thanks Mary... boy, just what I need is more books to add to my list... but you gotta love it.