Monday, December 31, 2012

Words writers don't want to hear

In honor of the most overused words and phrases of 2012, (here's a link)

I’ve come up with my own list of words and phrases that writers never want to hear again:

Simultaneous submissions not accepted
Entry fee
We regret to inform you
Agented submissions only
Not what we are currently in the market for
Doesn’t meet our needs
Do not contact us
Unfortunately, we cannot afford to pay

My wish for the new year is that we don’t hear any of these phrases in 2013!

Write soon,


  1. Mary--

    That's a great list of words (or rather, a terrible one, since we do not like it when we hear them). Hopefully in 2013 we'll hear nothing but "We are happy to inform you" and "We'd like to publish" and the ultimate "Our publishing company is in a bidding war over your book."

    Happy New Year, Mary!

  2. You should write this in calligraphy on plaques and sell them at writer's events. Hope you have a happy, prosperous New Year, Mary.

  3. Thanks, Sioux, and I like the "bidding war" comment! And Linda, these could be sold right next to your inspirational comments that you shared at the SW conference this fall!

  4. My favorite: "Is this supposed to be funny?"



  5. Ha! I agree, Mary!

    Critter Alley